with Dr Seb - Biological Dentist

Tuesday 16th August at 8pm (GMT+1) on zoom

Dr Seb is a Biological Dentist promoting minimally invasive dentistry. In this presentation he will be sharing his Five Pillars of dentistry covering: Mercury Fillings, Sleep Apnea, Root Canals, Laser & Ozone Treatment, Plasma Technology

Website: https://www.wonderofwellness.co.uk/biologicaldentist

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Length: 1 hour with an opportunity to ask Dr Seb questions

In this presentation he will be sharing his Five Pillars of dentistry covering:

Mercury Fillings: What effects do metals have in our body & why should we stop putting them into our mouth and find alternatives?

Sleep Apnea: What is it? How does it start? How does it affect our health? & What can we do to treat it?

Root Canals:  How can we save a tooth with the help of Integrative Endodontics?

Laser & Ozone Treatment:  What is Laser assisted & Ozone assisted Dental Treatment? How can it benefit our dental health?

Plasma Technology: What Is Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)? & How can we accelerate healing using Plasma Technology?


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Photo by The Humble Co. on Unsplash